Prêt à sommelier

A journey through taste

Hire a personal sommelier for your special occasion to relish in a unique wine tasting experience in the comfort of your home.

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Simone Marchetti

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Prêt à sommelier
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Drinking wine is drinking genius
(C. Baudelaire)

A unique
Prêt à sommelier event

To journey through the world of wine

There’s no need to go far to enjoy the ultimate wine tasting experience. Thanks to a wide range of sommelier-guided tasting packages, Prêt à sommelier brings the journey through wine varieties from all over the world as near as your home.

Private or corporate events
Food and wine pairings

Sensory tastings
Blind tastings

Winery tour
Touring through the Oltrepo area

Prêt à sommelier wine-tasting events

Be careful to trust a person who doesn’t like wine (K. Marx)