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wine-tasting experience

Wine is best enjoyed in the place where it is actually made, i.e. in a winery. Suddenly it is more than just sipping a glass of wine. It is a landscape and a sensory experience closely associated with it.

Get the touch of a winery experience in the comfort of your home – in Milan or Pavia - with our Prêt à sommelier-guided home tasting session.

"Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world." (E. Hemingway)

Prêt à sommelier wine tastings

Tasting options in the surroundings of Milan and Pavia

Prêt à sommelier offers you and your guests unique wine tasting experiences tailored to meet your specific event needs, whether it is a simple wine-tasting session or an actual tasting-menu dinner hosted at your home.

"True connoisseurs don’t drink wine. They savour secrets." (S. Dalì)

Wine tasting

Organising a special occasion, a dinner or a corporate event, looking for expert advice on wine pairing?


Looking for a unique gift idea? How about a tutored sensory tasting experience hosted at your home or in a venue of your choice?


Want to make the most out of a birthday party, a wedding, a corporate event or a special occasion?


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Wine tasting packages

Want to taste some new wines, or reconnect with some wines you already know thanks to an expert sommelier-guided tasting experience? We offer you a series of options, whether it is for an evening with friends or as a gift.


Blind bubbly tasting: an expert sommelier will guide you through a blind taste test of three “Traditional Method” sparkling wines, i.e. an Italian one, Champagne and Cava. Labels are only revealed at the end of the tasting session!


Natural wine tasting: taste and learn about three natural wine varieties made in different Italian regions

from€40 per person

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La Cantina di Prêt à sommelier:

Want to taste some of the Prêt à sommelier fine selection of wines?


You can opt for three fine wines or blind tasting; the choice is yours! We are delighted to take you on a journey through Prêt à sommelier exclusive selection of wines. Together we can go to Alsace or to Tuscany, to the uplands or to the seaside, all the way to the New World… There’s something for all tastes and budgets!

from€50 per person

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Tasting menu

You’re about to host a dinner or an event and are looking for suggestions on how to properly pair wine with food?


Working hand in hand with a chef, Prêt à sommelier creates high-quality food-and-wine parings tailored to fit your specific requirements!

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Winery tour

How about a Prêt à sommelier-guided tasting experience of local wines while visiting a long-established winery set in the surroundings of Pavia?


A visit to a winery makes for a great learning and tasting experience! A perfect way to learn more about the finest labels whilst sipping a glass of locally made wine.

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Touring through the Oltrepò Pavese area

You’re staying in the Oltrepò area and would like to get an insight into the local wine culture?


Prêt à sommelier will guide you through the beautiful scenery, the stunning vineyards, and the local flavours of this picturesque area.

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You’re looking for a special wine tasting event not covered by our existing formats?

Prêt à sommelier will do its best to accommodate you!

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