Simone Marchetti

FISAR-certified Sommelier

I was born in 1978, and ever since the beginning of the 80s - during waning moon - my father and I would go down into our family cellar to bottle red wine from the Oltrepò pavese area. I would then come up mildly inebriated by the decanting effort.

"Never judge a thing by its name nor by its label, as the plebeian yet honest is way better than the noble yet degenerate one."
(G. Brera)

in Milan and Pavia

"Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible wine they must drink."
A barman since 2016, I finally fulfilled my passion for wine in 2012 by graduating as a sommelier from FISAR, the Italian Federation of Sommeliers.

Since then I’ve been working hand in hand with the FISAR – Delegation of Pavia, as well as with winemakers from the Oltrepò Pavese area. I preside over and host wine-tasting events on behalf of the A.R.C.I. Vite Suonate cultural association. Moreover, I regularly take part in wine fairs, such as Vinitaly, Autunno Pavese, Oltrevini.

Striving to create a compelling emotional experience, I aim at sharing the intense passion and enthusiasm the tasting ritual arouses in me.


Hosted Events

The Prêt à sommelier project

From a sommelier to a... personal sommelier

What there could possibly be to discover about the history of a bottle, a sensory tasting or a wine-and-food pairing experience?
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Opening a bottle of wine should first of all feel like an adventure, a journey, an enjoyment. This is the exact reason why I came up with the idea for my Prêt à sommelier project in 2016; taking both wine buffs and complete novices on a simple spontaneous journey through the world of wine, without actually assuming to cover the whole matter.

“I have no absolute truth to believe in, nor I have any certainty whatsoever to offer others. It’s good enough for me if I can just give you emotions.”
(F. De Andrè)